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About Stewart Parvin

Established in 1995 serving discerning clientele including British and International royalty, Stewart Parvin is widely regarded as one of fashion’s best kept secrets. A designer who’s work whispers rather than shouts, Stewart’s aesthetic is understated elegance at its finest.  Stewart’s style philosophy is… “if you save a piece of clothing it will go out of fashion. Never keep anything for best, best never comes, best is every day”.

The Stewart Parvin atelier at 9 Motcomb St provides womenswear and bridal clients alike with a luxurious and peaceful environment to view Stewart’s work. The first two floors house bridal and womenswear collections with the remainder of this four storey Georgian townhouse given over to the creative teams working behind the scenes on Stewart’s designs each season. 

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A clean sophisticated aesthetic in fashion is surprisingly difficult to achieve. The most seemingly straight forward garment has nowhere to hide, which is why it takes an expert with the highest standards of pattern making, fit and couture construction to achieve the understated elegance of the Stewart Parvin collection.

With the ideals of traditional couture at its heart, the womenswear collection is designed to last across seasons, both in the quality of its construction and the timelessness of Stewart’s design handwriting. Each season provides a fresh take on fashion trends, always chic, never looking like it’s trying too hard. The very antithesis of fast, throwaway fashion. A perfect wardrobe of clothes for the modern woman and her everyday life.

Whilst the collection does cater for special events, the benefits of Stewart’s design philosophy are felt most keenly in his wardrobe of clothes for everyday life. Comfortable, perfectly fitted and exquisitely made clothes should not be relegated to being worn once or twice a year. Invest in clothes you wear the most regularly, they will serve you well in return.

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